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Urban Mutations on the Edge: Cooperate!

Seminar | Public Lecture Series | Jeweils montags 15:45–17:45 Uhr

Ort: HIL E 67 | ETH Hönggerberg (Science City)

The lecture series CO-OPERATE! will offer a platform for discussion with experts, advocates of urban renewal and practitioners from various fields in order to address the impact of formal and informal modes of social organization, of top-down and bottom-up practices, of global and local economies on urban production.

21. 02. 11 Rainer Hehl, Department of Architecture ETH Zürich: Introductory Lecture
28. 02. 11 Joana Gonçalves, AA London: Environmental Urban Design in Informal Settlements
07. 03. 11 Dirk Hebel, ETH Zürich /Addis Ababa University: Building Addis – Development versus Ethiopia
14. 03. 11 Chelina Odbert, Konkuey Design Initiative, Philadelphia: Navigating the Middle – Slum-upgrading in Kibera, Nairobi
28. 03. 11 Marcos L. Rosa, Department of Architecture ETH Zürich: Microurbanism São Paulo
04. 04. 11 Jeffrey Inaba, C-LAB, Columbia University New York: World of Giving
18. 04. 11 Manuel Herz, Studio Basel, ETH Zürich: Refugee Camps or Ideal Cities in Dust and Dirt
02. 05. 11 Jesse LeCavalier, Department of Architecture ETH Zürich: Prototopia
09. 05. 11 Interboro Partners, New York: What urban design can do
16. 05. 11 Francis Kéré, Berlin: Recent Works

Sprache: Englisch

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Professur Marc Angélil