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Autonomous Driving: Constraints, Obstacles and Outlook

25th May 2016, 10:00-11:00h | by Dr. Manfred Loidold

Place: HIL F36.1; ETH Hönggerberg, Zürich

Videos of self-driving vehicles might provoke the expectation of driverless cars on public roads in the near future. However, these prototypes are subject to relevant constraints and show technical limitations. Non-technical obstacles seem to be even more important: Political decisions are required, but cause negative effects. Juristic, ethic, ecological and economic aspects have to be considered. The presentation will describe constraints, technical, and non-technical obstacles. Finally, an outlook is given on highly autonomous driving and its possible effects on personal transportation and road transport.

Presenter’s biography
Dr. Manfred Loidold is self-employed Senior Consultant with a focus on geo-spatial information (GI). He received his Masters from the University of Salzburg (A) in 1999 and his PhD from ETH Zurich in 2005. Between 2001 and 2007 he worked as a scientific researcher and EU project manager at ETH Zurich. Since 2007 he works as a GI consultant and project manager mainly for public authorities and logistic companies.

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