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Reactivate Athens: 101 Ideas

Book Launch

Can architecture and design respond to cities under stress? With its roots in a research and design initiative, this book presents a collection of 101 spatial ideas that map a post-crisis urban vision for Athens. Targeting a range of challenges, from the economy and public space, to immigration and poverty, Reactivate Athens: 101 Ideas can be read as a both an in-depth toolkit and call to action.

‹Reactivate Athens› (Ruby Press, forthcoming) was conceived in 2013 as a participatory research and design initiative directed by the Urban-Think TankChair of Architecture and Urban Design at ETH Zurich. Supported by the Onassis Foundation, an interdisciplinary team analyzed processes of urban decline and generated new ideas for the Athens city center that address the crippling impacts of the economic and social crisis.

Further information to come.

Institute for Urban Design
Chair of Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner
Contact: Alexis Kalagas