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/// Projects / Projects of individual professors / Prof. Dr. Kay W. Axhausen

Professor Dr. Kay W. Axhausen

Kay W. Axhausen has been a Full Professor of Traffic and Transport Planning since 1999 and Course Director of the MSc programme in Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems of the Department of Engineering, Environment and Geomatics since 2005.

Traffic planning
The focus of Professur Axhausen’s research group is on teaching, research and consulting in the field of traffic planning and its relationship to spatial planning, the environment, society and the economy. One main point is the measurement and modelling of traffic behaviour and the development of simulation models of traffic. Another is the analysis of traffic decisions by individuals and institutions and the availability of tools for the support of these decisions.

Current Projects

Continuous Target Based Planning

Post Car World

Mobility Biographies: A Life-course Approach to Travel Behaviour and Residential Choice (D-A-CH)

Models without (personal) data?

Valuing (travel) time: Models and data for activity scheduling

Completed Projects

Spatial Accessibility and the Dynamics of Commuter Integration in Germany and Switzerland 1970-2005

Design an Application of a Travel Survey for European Long-distance Trips Based on an International Network of Expertise

Daily Travel Matrixes in Passenger Transportation

Further Projects of Professor Axhausen

Newsletter Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research, Efficient Technologies and Systems for Mobility (SCCER)