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Prof. Dr. Christian Schmid

Christian Schmid began leading the lectureship together with Christina Schumacher in 2001. Since the fall semester of 2010, he has been the sole head of the department. New to the team are Dr. Gabriela Muri and Dr. Philipp Kalus. The Lectureship of Sociology functions as an independent teaching body of the Faculty of Architecture (D-ARCH) of the ETH Zurich.


Lectureship Sociology

This lectureship educates architecture students in Sociology at the Bachelor and Master level.
The lectures and research projects provide students with the ability to understand architeture in its cultural context. They examine the architect’s line of work from two perspectives: the macro- and the micro-sociological.
The goal of the Master elective courses is to illuminate an architect’s field of activity from a sociological perspective and to serve as an introduction to sociological metholodogy.


Havanna – Strategies of Sustainable City Growth and Transportation Planning