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Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne; Brunner, Sibyl H. (2011): Methodischer Rahmen für den Einsatz von Backcasting zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel. disP 184, 1/2011
In diesem Artikel wird die Methode Backcasting erläutert und aufgezeigt, wie sie die Formulierung neuer, innovativer raumplanerischer Strategien zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel unterstützt.

Märki, Fabian; Charypar, David; Axhausen, Kay W. (2011): Continuous activity planning for a continuous traffic simulation. Paper presented at the 90th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board. Washington, D.C. Mehr
This paper introduces a new approach for the generation of activity plans for microscopic transport simulations. It plans activities based on the expected development of need levels of the modeled people. The procedure is fast and facilitates simulation scenarios with open time horizons.

Rosa, Marcos Leite; Wolfrum, Sofie (Hrsg.) (2010): MicroPlanning. Urban Creative Practices. Sao Paulo. Mehr
The book is the result of a field research carried out in São Paulo, in 2009 by Marcos L. Rosa. The analysis of a series of projects illustrate alternative forms of action in existing urban spaces, committed to the construction of spaces for encounter connected to everyday life experience.This publication situates action in the micro scale based on social practices and collective appropriations, calling attention to the importance of these initiatives in the reconfiguration of the urbanscape.

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