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/// Teaching / MAS, CAS and DAS in Spatial Planning and Development
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Advanced Programmes in Spatial Planning and Development 2017–2019

MAS Programme in Spatial Planning 2017–2019
The Master’s Programme in Spatial Planning is a two-year, modular, part-time, post-graduate course and earns a Masters of Advanced Studies ETH (MAS ETH). It addresses themes such as the organisation, design and use of living spaces. Special attention is given to social, economic and ecological processes. Important learning goals are a well-founded understanding of spatial development based on theories and models from various scientific disciplines, as well as the capability to work with complex spatially relevant problems and work out planning strategies for their solution.

DAS and CAS Programme in Spatial Planning 2017 - 2019
These programmes are an open curriculum with 30 ECTS (DAS) or 10 ECTS (CAS) chosen from the lectures and seminars of the MAS Programme in Spatial Planning 2017–2019, but without participation in projects and study projects abroad.
The DAS-programme includes a final individual work (exposé).

Application Process
All three programmes are oriented towards both Swiss and foreign specialists with a previous university degree and a minimum of two years in practice.

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