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Geschätzte Leserinnen und Leser

Mittels Vogelperspektive lässt sich nicht nur die Auswirkung der NEAT auf die Gotthardregion beobachten, sondern auch Stau analysieren. Allerdings beschränkt sich die Vogelperspektive nicht auf die Augen, auch Klanglandschaften werden erfahrbar.
Ausserdem hat das NSL mit dem ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE wichtigen Zuwachs erhalten. Wir wünschen viel informatives Lesevergnügen.

Gotthard Landscape – Neue Perspektiven für eine verschollene Landschaft

Seit jeher wird das Gotthardmassiv als das Herz der Alpen verstanden. Stückweise wurde die Landschaft in den vergangenen 150 Jahren durch die Infrastrukturbauten ergänzt. Mit dem neuen Gotthard-Basistunnel verändert sich die Wahrnehmung dieses Raumes erneut. Das interdisziplinäre Forschungsprojekt Gotthard Landscape Infrastructure untersuchte unsere Wahrnehmung dieser für die Schweiz so bedeutsamen Landschaft.

Modeling Future Urban Scenarios for Switzerland

SwissAIM is an advanced software platform. It delivers dynamic high-resolution modeling of urban structures, landscapes, demographics, weather, energy, resources, and socio-economic conditions. Possible future urban scenarios will be synthesized for the whole of Switzerland from 2020 to 2050.

Bad for Traffic: Swiss Drivers Change Lanes too Early in Weaving Areas

Swiss drivers change lanes extremely early in weaving sections. All lane changes are concentrated in the merge area. Such driving behavior results in queues and reduction of speeds. Guidelines and norms for Swiss weaving sections will be made. The goal is to improve the operation of Swiss freeway weaving sections.

The Aerial Gaze: Iterative Aerial Site Scanning for Landscape Analysis, Planning, and Design

The aerial view allows a vantage point from which to capture photographs, video, and non-visual sensor data of diverse landscape locations. A flexible, fast and simple means of landscape surveying, it has made possible the repeated capture of sites under constant change, whether environmental, cultural, programatic, or land-use. 

The Noise Landscape: an Emerging Urban Landscape

Since 2010, the Professorship of Kees Christiaanse works on the theme of Airports and Cities, investigating urban patterns in airport areas (Better Airport Regions project 2012-2014), or probing visions and discourses connected to airports (PhD research on Paris airports 2014-2017). In 2017, they will publish the book The Noise Landscape with nai010 publishers – a volume exploring the airport-affected landscape usually perceived from a «bird’s-eye view».

«Wohnforschung wird an Bedeutung noch weiter zunehmen»

Dr. Marie Glaser erforscht, wie wir wohnen. Im Fokus stehen Wohnen und nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung. Was bedeutet das und welchen Einfluss haben hier die gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungen? Die Leiterin des Forschungszentrums ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE im Gespräch.
Aktuelle Projekte


Earth Observations, such as satellite imagery and Lidar, are an important source of data on the state of ecosystems, but their use in practice is still limited. The European-funded H2020 project ECOPOTENTIAL aims to make EO more usable in assessing ecosystem functions and services for management of protected areas. Within ECOPOTENTIAL, the chair Planning of Landscape and Urban Systems (PLUS) is modelling a set of crucial ecosystem services in mountain regions, their future development and trade-offs between them, as well as related uncertainties. Ana Stritih

Pubikationen von April bis Juni 2016


Cao, Jin; Menendez, Monica; Nikias, Vasileios (2016): The effects of on-street parking on the service rate of nearby intersections. In: Journal of Advanced Transportation, 50 (4). S.406-420. More 
An on-street parking maneuver often starts a temporary bottleneck, leading to additional delay endured by the following vehicles. If the maneuver occurs near a signalized intersection, the service rate of the intersection might be reduced. In this paper, a model is built to analyze the effects of parking maneuvers on the intersection service rate.

FCL magazine special issue: Urban Breeding Grounds More
The FCL Magazine Special Issue presents the investigation of the mechanisms of a diverse inner city neighbourhood in Singapore termed ‘Rochor +’. The articles not only illustrate the high economic and spatial potential of urban breeding grounds, but also provide an instrumentarium for policy recommendations and design guidelines that aim to initiate public discourse.

Girot, Christophe (2016): The Course of Landscape Architecture. A History of our Designs on the Natural World, from Prehistory to the Present. London: Thames & Hudson. More 
In many ways the history of civilization is a history of humans’ relationship with nature. Starting from the dual inclination to clear land for cultivation and to enclose space for protection, there emerges a vital and multifaceted narrative that describes our cultural relationship to, and dependence on, the landscape. Christophe Girot sets out to chronicle this history, drawing on all aspects of mankind’s creativity and ingenuity.

Schmid, Basil; Schmutz, Simon; Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): Exploring the choice between in-store and online shopping. Paper to be presented at the 23rd EIRASS conference on Recent Advances in Retailing and Service Strategies, Edinburgh, July 2016. PDF 
The paper aims at explaining the choice between online and in-store shopping, applying an integrated choice and latent variable modeling approach. An increased acceptance level of online shopping implies a higher cost sensitivity, which can be explained by the expanded choice set when considering both alternatives as possible shopping channels.

Weidmann, Ulrich; Schwertner, Michael (2016): NEAT – AlpTransit Lötschberg und Gotthard. ETR-Swiss Spezial. Hamburg: DVV Media Group. Mehr 
Die Sonderausgabe von ETR-Swiss vereint Artikel zu Entstehungsgeschichte, Planung,  Bau, Bahntechnik und Betrieb der NEAT-Projekte und wagt einen Ausblick auf die Perspektiven, welche sie für Personen- und Güterverkehr schaffen.

Eine vollständige Publikationsliste von April bis Juni 2016 finden Sie hier.



Patrick Bösch, Institut für Verkehrsplanung und Transportsysteme
Sascha Delz, Institut für Städtebau
Isabelle Fehlmann, Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur
Claudia Gebert, Koordinationsstelle NSL, Chefredaktion
Alexis Kalagas, Institut für Städtebau
Bettina Weibel, Institut für Raum- und Landschaftsentwicklung