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/// Publications / Publications lists / Oktober bis Dezember 2016

Oktober bis Dezember 2016


Axhausen, Kay W.; Becker, Felix; Bösch, Patrick M.; Ciari, Francesco (2016): A framework for creating transport planning scenarios of autonomous vehicles. Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs- und Raumplanung, 1206. Zürich: IVT, ETH Zurich. Mehr 

Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): How many cars are too many? A second attempt. University of Hong Kong, October. Mehr 

Bauer, Christian; Cox, Brian; Heck, Thomas; Hirschberg, Stefan; Hofer, Johannes; Schenler, Warren; Simons, Andrew; Del Duce, Andrea; Althaus, Hans-Jörg; Georges, Gil; Krause, Thilo; González Vayá, Marina; Ciari, Francesco; Waraich, Rashid A.; Jäggi, Boris; Stahel, Alexander; Froemelt, Andreas; Saner, Dominik (2016): Opportunities and challenges for electric mobility: An interdisciplinary assessment of passenger vehicles. Final report of the THELMA project in co-operation with the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research «Efficient technologies and systems for mobility».  Mehr 

Becker, Felix; Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): Designing a stated preferences mode choice survey for the introduction of shared and pooled autonomous vehicles. Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs- und Raumplanung, 1207. Zürich: IVT ETH Zurich. Mehr

Belgiawan, P.Fajarindra (2016): Role of Attitudes and Norms for Students Car Ownership Intention. PhD Dissertation. Kyoto: Kyoto University. Mehr

Bösch, Patrick M.; Ciari, Francesco (2016): MacroSim – A macroscopic Mobsim for MATSim. Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs- und Raumplanung, 1227. Zurich: IVT, ETH Zurich. Mehr 

Bosina, Ernst; Weidmann, Ulrich (2016): Estimating pedestrian speed using aggregated literature data. In: Physica A. DOI Mehr 

Brillembourg, Alfredo; Klumpner, Hubert; Kalagas, Alexis; Waldrep, Michael (2016): Architecture in the Age of Digital Reproduction. In: Journal of Visual Culture, Vol 15 No 3, December 2016. Mehr

Brunner, Sibyl H.; Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne (2016): Policy strategies to foster the resilience of mountain social-ecological systems under uncertain global change. In: Environmental Science & Policy 66. S.129-139. Mehr

Calastri, Chiara; Hess, Stephan; Daly, Andrew; Kowald, Matthias; Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): Modelling contact mode and frequency of interactions with social network members using the multiple discrete-continuous extreme value model. Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs- und Raumplanung, 1218. Zürich: IVT, ETH Zurich. Mehr 

Christiaanse, Kees; Kasioumi, Eirini; Kiss, Daniel (Eds.) (2016): Methods in Urban Studies. NSL Doctoral Colloquium. Zurich: Professorship Kees Christiaanse, NSL, ETH Zurich. Mehr 

Christiaanse, Kees; Agreiter, Benno; Kron, Dimitri; Weyell, Christian (2016): Amsterdam Waterfront. Reader Entwurfsstudio HS16. Mehr

Ciari, Francesco; Becker, Henrik (2016): How disruptive can shared mobility be? A scenario-based evaluation of shared mobility systems implemented at large scale. In: Meyer, Gereon (ed.): Lecture Notes in Mobility, Springer. PDF Mehr 

Clarke, Julie; Lam, Juan Carlos; Gehl, Pierre; Taalab, Khaled; Corbally, Robert (2016): Risk assessment for an Italian road network due to an extreme earthquake hazard scenario and the associated landslide cascading effects. Civil Engineering Research in Ireland 2016, August 29-30, 2016. Mehr

Drobnik, Thomas; Huber, Robert; Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne (2016): Coupling a settlement growth model with an agro-economic land allocation model for securing ecosystem services provision. In: Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. Mehr

ETH Studio Basel: Territory. On the Development of Landscape and City. Germany: Park Books. Mehr

Fourie, Pieter J.; Erath, Alexander L.; Ordóñez Medina, Sergio A.; Chakirov, Artem; Axhausen, Kay W. (2016). Using smartcard data for agent-based transport simulation. In: Kurauchi, Fumitaka; Schmöcker, Jan-Dirk (eds): Public Transport Planning with Smart Card Data. Boca Raton: CRC Press. S.133-160. Mehr

Frezadou, Irini; Papamichail, Theodora; Signer, Rolf (Eds.) (2016): CODE PATRAS, A Test Planning process for Patras. Exhibition of the Results 2015/Workshop of Ideas 2016, Zurich: ETH Verlag. Mehr

Fuhrer, Raphael; Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): Messung der Effekte von Verkehr auf den Raum: State of the Art Methoden. Bern: ARE Schlussbericht. Mehr 

Fuhrer, Raphael (2016): Reconstructing Western Europe's transport system 1500-1950. Paper presented at the T2M Conference, Mexico-City, October 2016. Mehr 

Girot, Christophe; Imhof, Dora (Eds.) (2017): Thinking the Contemporary Landscape. New York: Princeton Architectural Press. Mehr

Grêt-Regemey, Adrienne (2016): Improving resilience through diverse land stewards. In: ETH Zukunftsblog. Mehr

Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne ; Scartezzini, Jean-Louis (2016): Urbane Strategien zum Klimawandel. In Brennpunkt Klima Schweiz. Akademie der Wissenschaften Schweiz. Mehr

Hackl, Jürgen; Heitzler, Magnus; Lam, Juan Carlos; Adey, Bryan T.; Hurni, Lorenz (2016): Final Model. Methodology and Information Exchange, Deliverable 4.2, Novel indicators for identifying critical, INFRAstructure at RISK from Natural Hazards. Grant agreement No. 603960, July.

Hörl, Sebastian; Ciari, Francesco; Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): Recent perspectives on the impact of autonomous vehicles. Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs- und Raumplanung, 1216. Zürich: IVT, ETH Zurich. PDF Mehr 

Hurkxkens, Ilmar (2016): Flash Floods and Desert Claims. In: Landscape Architecture Frontiers, 4(5), November 2016. S.131-139. Mehr 

Javadian, Alireza; Wielopolski, Mateusz; Smith, Ian F.C.; Hebel, Dirk (2016): Bond-Behavior Study of Newly Developed Bamboo-Composite Reinforcement in Concrete. In: Construction and Building Materials 122. S.110–117. Mehr

Kasioumi, Eirini; Kiss, Daniel (Eds.) (2016): Utopia, Pragmatism, and the Search for Good City Form. In: Texts for Urban Design, Vol.2. Zurich: Professorship Kees Christiaanse, NSL, ETH Zurich.

Kiss, Daniel (2016): From the Hungarian Tulip Dispute to a Post-Socialist Kulturkampf. In: Moravánsky, Ákos; Lange, Torsten (Eds.): East West Central – Re-building Europe, 1950-1990, Vol.3. Re-Framing Identities, Architecture’s Turn to History, 1970-1990. Basel: Birkhäuser, Forthcoming (December 2016), 39-52. Mehr

Klein, Thomas M.; Drobnik, Thomas; Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne (2016): Shedding light on the usability of ecosystem services-based decision support systems: An eye-tracking study linked to the cognitive probing approach. In: Ecosystem Services 19. S.65-86. Mehr

Lam, Juan Carlos; Adey, Bryan T. (2016): Integrating functional loss assessment and restoration analysis in the quantification of indirect consequences of natural hazards. In: ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering, 2:4, 04016008-1-21. December 2016 Mehr

Liu, Jun; Kockelman, Kara M.; Bösch, Patrick M.; Ciari, Francesco (2016): Tracking a system of shared autonomous vehicles across the Austin, Texas network using agent-based simulation. Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs- und Raumplanung, 1210. Zürich: IVT, ETH Zurich. PDF Mehr 

Loder, Allister; Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): Mobility tools and usage: The role of accessibility and transport related attitudes in Switzerland. Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs- und Raumplanung, 1217. Zürich: IVT, ETH Zurich. PDF Mehr 

Loder, Allister; Ambühl, Lukas; Menendez, Monica; Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): Empirics of multimodal traffic networks – Using the 3D macroscopic fundamental diagram. Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs- und Raumplanung, 1229. Zurich: IVT, ETH Zurich. PDF Mehr 

Martani, Claudio; Papathanasiou, Natalia; Adey, Bryan T. (2016): A review of the state-of-the-art in railway risk management. 1st Asian Conference on Railway Infrastructure and Transportation, October 19-20. Mehr

Meyer, Jonas; Becker, Henrick; Bösch, Patrick M.; Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): Impact of autonomous vehicles on the accessibility in Switzerland. Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs- und Raumplanung, 1177. Zürich: IVT, ETH Zürich. PDF More 

Meyer, Jonas; Bösch, Patrick M.; Becker, Henrik; Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): Erreichbarkeitswirkungen autonomer Fahrzeuge. Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs- und Raumplanung, 1220. Zurich: IVT, ETH Zurich. Mehr 

Ordóñez Medina, Sergio A. (2016): Impact of accessibility indices on secondary activity type and location type prediction using random forest classifiers. Paper presented at the 5th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation (hEART 2016), Delft, The Netherlands, September 2016. Mehr 

Ordóñez Medina, Sergio A. (2016): Multi-day activity models: An extension of the Multi-Agent Transport Simulation (MATSim). Arbeitsberichte Verkehrs- und Raumplanung, 1211. Zürich: IVT, ETH Zurich. PDF  Mehr 

Ordóñez Medina, S.A. (2016): Simulating work-leisure cycles in large scale scenarios: Models and implementation. PhD Dissertation. Zurich: ETH Zurich. PDF Mehr 

Papathanasiou, Natalia; Martani, Claudio; Adey, BryanT. (2016): Risk assessment methodology, Deliverable 3.2, Novel indicators for identifying critical, INFRAstructure at RISK from Natural Hazards. Grant agreement No. 603960 July.

Papathanasiou, Natalia; Adey, Bryan T.; Martani, Claudio (2016): Risk Assessment Process for Railway Networks with Focus on Infrastructure Objects. 1st Asian Conference on Railway Infrastructure and Transportation, October 19-20. Mehr

Perić, Ana (2016): Institutional cooperation in the brownfield regeneration process: Experiences from Central and Eastern European countries. In: European Spatial Research and Policy, 23(1). S.21-46, ISSN 1231-1952. Mehr

Perić, Ana (2016): Integrated Spatial and Transport Development: A Multilevel Perspective. In: Scholl, Bernd; Moraitis, Konstantinos; Pappas, Vassilis; Perić, Ana; Frezadou, Irini (Eds.): CODE: ATHENS! Railway and City Development in Athens. Zurich: Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development, ETH Zurich, ISBN 978-3-906327-48-8. S.37-47. Mehr

Perić, Ana (2016): Efforts against Trenophobia in the Greek Capital. In: Scholl, Bernd; Moraitis, Konstantinos; Pappas, Vassilis; Perić, Ana; Frezadou, Irini (Eds.): CODE: ATHENS! Railway and City Development in Athens. Zurich: Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development, ETH Zurich, ISBN 978-3-906327-48-8. S.89-107. Mehr

Perić, Ana (2016): The evolution of planning thought in Serbia: Can planning be ‘resilient’ to the transitional challenges?. In: Hein, C. (Ed.): History-Urbanism-Resilience – Proceedings of the 17th International Planning History Society Conference (vol.7). Delft: TU Delft Open. S.181-193. ISBN 978-94-92516-08-4. DOI

Perić, Ana; Scholl, Bernd (2016): Transnational Cooperation in Europe: The Example of Integrated Spatial and Transport Development along the Hamburg-Athens Corridor. In: ATINER'S Conference Paper Series, No: PLA2016-2004. S.3-15. Athens: ATINER (Athens Institute for Education and Research), ISSN 2241-2891. Mehr

Rao, Xiaolu; Montigel, Markus; Weidmann, Ulrich (2016): A new rail optimisation model by integration of traffic management and train automation. In: Transportation Research Part C, Emerging Technologies 71. S.382-405. Mehr 

Richmond, Craig M.; Kielhauser, Clemens; Adey, Bryan T. (2016): Developing performance measures for road network managers facing diverse environments. In: Benchmarking, an international journal, 23:7. S.1876-1891. Mehr

Scholl, Bernd; Moraitis, Konstantinos; Pappas, Vassilis; Perić, Ana; Frezadou, Irini (Eds.) (2016): CODE: ATHENS! Railway and City Development in Athens. Zurich: Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development, ETH Zurich, ISBN 978-3-906327-48-8. Mehr

Scholl, Bernd (2016): Academic Collaboration in Spaces and Projects of European Importance. In: Scholl, Bernd; Moraitis, Konsantinos; Pappas, Vassilis; Perić, Ana; Frezadou, Irini (Eds.): CODE: ATHENS! Railway and City Development in Athens. Zurich: Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development, ETH Zurich. S. 17-33. ISBN 978-3-906327-48-8. Mehr

Scholl, Bernd (2016): Infrastrukturen als Raumgestalter. In: Urbane Transformationslandschaften. Hrsg: Internationales Doktorandenkolleg „Forschungslabor Raum“. Jovis Verlag. S. 230-249. Berlin, Oktober 2016.

Senn, Christian; Garcia de Soto Lastra, Borja; Adey, Bryan T.; Caspar, Simon; Camenzind, Reto (2016): Effizienter Betrieb und Unterhalt der technischen Infrastruktur (EFFIN): Schlussbericht. Kommission für Technologie und Innovation KTI, KTI-Nr. 163431 PFES-ES, September. Mehr

Vitins, Basil J.; Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): Shape grammars overview and assessment for transport and urban design - Review, terminology, assessment, and application. In: Journal of Transport and Land Use, 9 (1). S.65-96. DOI Mehr

Vogt, Günther (2016): Spaces for Beauty – Talking about architecture and space. In: Duze A. (Hrsg.): SARP. S.38-49. ISBN: 978-83-938364-5-1.

Walz, Ariane; Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne; Lavorel, Sandra (2016): Social valuation of ecosystem services in mountain regions. In: Regional Environmental Change 16.7. S1985-1987. Mehr

Wang, Yangpeng; Weidmann, Ulrich A.; Wang, Huashen (2017). Using catastrophe theory to describe railway system safety and discuss system risk concept. In: Safety Science 91. S.269-285. DOI  Mehr

Weidmann, Ulrich;  Sinner, Marc; Bomhauer-Beins, Axel (2016): 2nd Opinion Neubau BLS-WerkstätteMehr

Weis, Claude; Vrtic, Milenko; Axhausen, Kay W.; Balac, Milos (2016): SP-Befragung 2015 zum Verkehrsverhalten. Schlussbericht. Bern: Bundesamt für Raumentwicklung (ARE). PDF Mehr

Xu, Ming; Chua, Vivien P. (2016): A Numerical Study on Circulation and Volume Transport in Singapore Coastal Waters. In: Journal of Hydro-Environment Research 12. S.70–90. PDF

Yang, Kaidi; Guler, S. Ilgin; Menendez, Monica (2016): Isolated intersection control for various levels of vehicle technology: Conventional, connected, and automated vehicles. In: Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 72. S.109-129. DOI  Mehr

Zeng, Wei, Fu, Chi-Wing; Müller Arisona, Stefan; Erath, Alexander L.; Qu, Huamin (2016): Visualizing Waypoints-Constrained Origin-Destination Patterns for Massive Transportation Data. In: Computer Graphics Forum 35.8: 95-107. DOI Mehr