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Axhausen, Kay W. (2016): Der intelligente Parkplatz: Elektronisch gesteuertes, dynamisches Preissystem. Neue Zürcher Zeitung 237.270: 10-10. Mehr 
Parkieren in der Stadt ist und bleibt ein Dauerproblem. Dieses könnte massgeblich entschärft werden, wenn Parkplätze einem sich selbst steuernden System von Angebot und Nachfrage unterworfen würden.

Bosina, Ernst; Weidmann, Ulrich (2017): Estimating pedestrian speed using aggregated literature data. In: Physica A - Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, 468. S.1-29. PDF 
This work describes the most important factors influencing walking speed and estimates their impact, based on a review of more than 200 studies that measured walking speed. The parameter values for different influences were computed and grouped according to their strength and standardised measurement conditions are proposed as a baseline for future studies.

Ge, Qiao; Menendez, Monica (2017): Extending Morris method for qualitative global sensitivity analysis of models with dependent inputs. In: Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 162. S.28-39. PDF 
A non-parametric approach is proposed for qualitative sensitivity analysis (i.e., screening) of dependent inputs. Numerical experiments show that it can properly identify the influential inputs. Its low computational cost but high accuracy makes it practical for the initial screening of dependent inputs in high dimensional and expensive models.

Girot, Christophe; Ahn, Susann; Fehlmann, Isabelle; Mehling, Lara (Hrsg.) (2017): Delta Dialogues. Heft Nr. 20 der Schriftenreihe «Pamphlet». Zürich: gta Verlag. Mehr
Delta landscapes are difficult to define and the analysis of a site caught between land and water calls for more than a mapping project to understand its complex bounds. This issue of Pamphlet proposes that we must innovate our design methods, strategies, processes, and tools to gain a literacy of place, which like the delta itself, embraces multiple threads and a constantly changing course.

Kielhauser, Clemens; Adey, Bryan T.; Lethanh, Nam (2017): Investigation of a static and a dynamic neighbourhood methodology to develop work programs for multiple close municipal infrastructure networks. In: Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 13(3). S.361–389. PDF 
Interventions on urban infrastructures cause disruptions to the services provided but also to other networks that have to be (partially) shut down for the interventions. A dynamic grouping methodology is presented that results in work programs with a better consideration and prioritisation of objects that need intervention, while accounting for possible synergies due to efficient coordination.

Strebel, Ignaz; Silberberger, Jan (Eds.) (2017): Architecture Competition: Project Design and the Building Process. London: Routledge. ISBN-13: 978-1472469984. Mehr 
Much valued by design professionals, controversially discussed in the media, regularly misunderstood by the public and systematically regulated by public procurement; in recent years, architecture competitions have become projection screens for various and often incommensurable desires and hopes. Almost all texts engage it for celebration of the procedure, or dismissal. This book is a revelatory study on what really happens when competitions take place.  

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