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Research project: The Future of Urbanised Landscapes

From 2004 to 2006, the Network City and Landscape (NSL) took on the interdisciplinary research project: The Future of Urbanised Landscapes; which investigated the characteristics, forms, functions and development of urban landscapes in five specialised areas: construction planning and operation, the regional balance of raw materials, urban development, landscape architecture and traffic and spatial planning. The goal was to formulate methods and instruments as well as a concept for the planning, design and presentation of these kinds of spaces. The idea was to make changes and renewal projects in the design of urban landscapes more visible and understandable, and to use models as a means to prognosticate the possible effects of development scenarios. The main area under consideration was the Glattal, located in the northern part of the city of Zurich. This suburban space between the Zurich Airport and the Greifensee has developed very dynamically in recent years.

Urbanised landscapes are shaped by the economic activities of people and structurally urbanised landscape sectors. Through suburbanisation, i.e., the expansion of the population and urban settlement measures and forms across the administrative borders of a core city, as well as through the growth processes of the surrounding communities, the Glattal has experienced stark cultural, historical and socio-economic development in the past decade. Considering the advancing levels of change and density, the importance of urbanised landscapes must be recognised and their importance for the quality of life of the residents must be acknowledged.

The research project formulated comprehensive modelling approaches, new design applications and elements for the evaluation of potential development paths. These are oriented towards decision-makers, project leaders and scientists.

Interdisciplinary Publication:

Kohte M., M. Bürgle and M. Löchl (2005) Zur Zukunft urbaner Kulturlandschaften: Halbzeittagung des ETH-Forschungsprojektes am Netzwerk Stadt und Landschaft DISP, 163, 78-80. Download (212 KB)


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