Prof. Dr. Marc Angélil | Architecture and Urban Design

Marc M. Angélil has been a Full Professor for Architecture and Design at the Institute for Urban Development at ETH Zurich, Department of Architecture since April 1997.


Morphology of Periphery Cities

The Chair of Marc Angélil is mainly focussed on the sustainable development of contemporary urban territories. In what way do the various strengths influence each other in determining the city’s future? How are their morphogenetic processes planned? A discourse is begun on the relationship between genesis and form, between operational sequences and urban organisation. Different parameters affect one another and form a differential field, within which development takes place, contributing the crystalisation of formal constructs in each individual phase of the process. The urban morphology manifests itself as an organisation of interwoven, dynamic structures. Based on this viewpoint, designs are not based on an understanding of architecture as a closed system, but are rather much more the results from a network of oscillating relationships.