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Cover der Publikaton Stadtwerdung im Zeitraffer

Stadtwerdung im Zeitraffer

Meret Wandeler, Ulrich Görlich, Caspar Schärer (Hg.)

Spatial distribution of the raster cells with authorized forest clearances between 2001 and 2017 (binary response variable clear), represented in black. © PLUS, ETH Zürich

What drives deforestation in Switzerland?

David Troxler, Astrid Zabel, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey

Cover der Publikation: Erkenntnisse zum aktuellen Wohnungsnotstand

Erkenntnisse zum aktuellen Wohnungsnotstand: Bautätigkeit, Verdrängung und Akzeptanz

David Kaufmann, Elena Lutz, Fiona Kauer, Malte Wehr, Michael Wicki

Schematic Drawing of Mountain Resilience: A Systematic Literature Review and Paths to the Future

Mountain Resilience: A Systematic Literature Review and Paths to the Future

Romano Wyss, Tobias Luthe, Lydia Pedoth, Stefan Schneiderbauer, Carolina Adler, Martha Apple, Eduardo Erazo Acosta, Haley Fitzpatrick, Jamila Haider, Gözde Ikizer, Angelo Jonas Imperiale, Nuray Karanci, Eva Posch, Olimjon Saidmamatov, Thomas Thaler

Quo vadis Raumentwicklung Schweiz? Umfrage zur Zukunft der Raumentwicklung Schweiz

Spatial Transformation Laboratories (STL) | Institut für Raum- und Landschaftsentwicklung (IRL)

Provisorisches Cover der Publikation Anthologie Landschaft – Lucius Burckhardt

Anthologie Landschaft – Lucius Burckhardt

Thomas Kissling (Hrsg.)

Cover der Arch+ Ausgabe 250: The Great Repair – Politiken der Reparaturgesellschaft

ARCH+ #250. THE GREAT REPAIR – Politiken der Reparaturgesellschaft

ARCH+ (Christian Hiller, Felix Hofmann, Markus Krieger, Anh-Linh Ngo), Florian Hertweck, Milica Topalović, and Nazlı Tümerdem in conversation with Marc Angélil, Silke Langenberg, Momoyo Kaijima, and Bas Princen

Cover of the publication "Unearthing Traces"

Unearthing Traces

Denise Bertschi, Julien Lafontaine Carboni, Nitin Bathla (Hrsg.)

predicted acceptance levels for all possible projects (B) by Proximity frame. Error bars show 95% confidence intervals.

Planning Instruments Enhance the Acceptance of Urban Densification

Michael Wicki, Katrin Hofer, David Kaufmann

Agadir. Building the Modern Afropolis

Tom Avermaete, Maxime Zaugg

Size Matters

Giancarlos Parady, Kay W. Axhausen

Dimensions of place (adapted from Canter (1977) and Montgomery (1998)) and resulting concepts in bold (place qualities, sense of place, place affect) © ETH Zürich

Operationalising Place for Land System Science

Michal Switalski, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey

Wohnen: Zwölf Schlüsselthemen sozialräumlicher Wohnforschung

Christine Hannemann, Nicola Hilti, Christian Reutlinger (Hrsg.)

Bodies of Water – A Swiss Landscape Trilogy

Christophe Girot, Ludwig Berger, Fabian Gutscher, Dennis Häusler, Johannes Rebsamen, Matthias Vollmer (Hrsg.)

Pamphlet 26: Probing Zurich

Christophe Girot, Dennis Häusler, Magdalena Kaufmann, Matthias Vollmer.

Cover Publication Indica 3, Future Cities Lab Global

Future Cities Laboratory Indicia 03

Stephen Cairns, Devisari Tunas (eds.)

Symbolbild: Mehr Fuss-​ und Veloverkehr führt zu weniger Emissionen. (Bild: Adobe Stock)

Zu Fuss zu Netto-Null

Dr. Sibylle Wälty

Transitional Space – Six Japanese Houses Traversed

Christophe Girot, Dennis Häusler, Luisa Overath, Myriam Uzor, Matthias Vollmer (Ed.)


Joris Van Wezemael, Paul Schneeberger

Wohnen  Zwölf Schlüsselthemen sozialräumlicher Wohnforschung

Wohnen. Zwölf Schlüsselthemen sozialräumlicher Wohnforschung

Christine Hannemann, Nicola Hilti, Christian Reutlinger

Figure 2. Test area (in red), Zurich Switzerland. The highlighted network in gray indicates the road segments where data is collected and processed. The traffic light symbols indicate the five implemented traffic control systems.

An Experimental Urban Case Study with Various Data Sources and a Model for Traffic Estimation

Alexander Genser, Noel Hautle, Michail Makridis, Anastasios Kouvelas

Fig. 10. Observed and predicted bike traffic counts in Zurich (left) and Basel (right) from 1.1.2019 until 1.5.2021.

COVID-19 as a Window of Opportunity for Cycling: Evidence from the First Wave.

Beda Büchel, Alessio Daniele Marra, Francesco Corman

Modern Architect and Migrant in the Australian Tropics

Tom Avermaete, Janina Gosseye (series editors), Deborah van der Plaat, John MacArthur (eds.), Karl Langer

cover Tom Avermaete, Janina Gosseye, series editors) Kay Fisker: Works and Ideas in Danish Modern Architecture image002

Works and Ideas in Danish Modern Architecture

Tom Avermaete, Janina Gosseye (series editors), Martin Søberg (ed.), Kay Fisker

cover Avermaete Ernesto Nathan Rogers: The Modern Architect as Public Intellectual image003

The Modern Architect as Public Intellectual

Tom Avermaete, Janina Gosseye (series editors), Maurizio Sabini (ed.), Ernesto Nathan Rogers

cover of publication Avermaete OASE 109

Theme Issue ‘Modernities’, OASE 109. Journal for Architecture

Tom Avermaete, Christoph Grafe, Véronique Patteeuw, Hans Teerds (eds.)

Diego Cruciat: Tagliamento from Monte di Ragogna. CC BY-SA 3.0

Mapping Citizen Preferences and Priorities for an Alpine River Landscape

Anna Scaini, Ana Stritih, Constance Brouillet, Chiara Scaini

Cover Landscript Girot

Landscript 6: Landscape Analogue. About Material Culture and Idealism

Christophe Girot, Albert Kirchengast (Editors)


Eveline Althaus, Marie Glaser, Leonie Pock

Urban Design in the 20th Century: A History

Tom Avermaete, Janina Gosseye

Concept of signal transformation from the time to space domain © Alexander Genser, ETH Zürich

Ride Comfort Assessment for Automated Vehicles Utilizing a Road Surface Model and Monte Carlo Simulations

Alexander Genser, Roland Spielhofer, Philippe Nitsche, Anastasios Kouvelas