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Snapshot of the simulation experiment in PTV Vissim with cyclists’ riding formation under different lane widths

Bicycle as a traffic mode: From microscopic cycling behavior to macroscopic bicycle flow

Yi-Chuan Ni, Michail A. Makridis, Anastasios Kouvelas

map of the greater Zurich area showing cycling networks

Comparative study of route choice models for cyclists

Adrien Meister, Zheng Liang, Matteo Felder, Kay W. Axhausen

The influences between train events in train operations. © ETH Zürich

Explainable Train Delay Propagation: A Graph Attention Network Approach

Ping Huang, Jingwei Guo, Shu Liu, Francesco Corman

Test intersection in the city center of Zurich, Switzerland.

Time-to-Green Predictions for Fully-Actuated Signal Control Systems With Supervised Learning

Alexander Genser, Michail A. Makridis, Kaidi Yang, Lukas Ambühl, Monica Menendez, Anastasios Kouvelas

Survey research on public participation in Johannesburg © Katrin Hofer & Social Surveys South Africa

Public Support for Participation in Local Development

Katrin Hofer, Michael Wicki, David Kaufmann

Identifying levers of urban neighbourhood transformation using serious games

Johann S. Schuur, Michal Switalski, Nicolas Salliou, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey

Listening In: Conversations on Architectures, Cities and Landscapes, 1700-1900 – Programme and Abstracts

Anne Hultzsch, Sigrid de Jong, Sol Perez-Martinez, Nikolaos Magouliotis, Maarten Delbeke (Hrsg.)

Extended Urbanisation. Tracing Planetary Struggles

Christian Schmid, Milica Topalovic (Hrsg.)

Example of the settlement network evolution between 1899 and 2020. This depiction shows the same area in the north-east of the study area, between Winterthur (ZH) and St. Gallen (SG), at two different time steps. The settlement links represent pairs of settlements that are reachable within 10 min of travel time (tt). The size of the settlements has changed over time, as they have sprawled and merged with one another. Hill-shade map source: ESRI, CGIAR, and USGS

Settlement Relationships and their Morphological Homogeneity Across Time and Scale

Yves M. Räth, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, Chenjing Jiao, Sidi Wu, Maarten J. van Strien

Fig. 1. The snapshot of the experiment © ETH Zürich: Cars driving in circles.

A Multi-objective Calibration Framework for Capturing the Behavioral Patterns of Autonomously-driven Vehicles

Shi-Teng Zheng, Michail A. Makridis, Anastasios Kouvelas, Rui Jiang, Bin Jia

Poster of the Book launch "Lively Cities" in Liechtenstein

Lively Cities

Maan Barua

Dusty road with a shack: ‘Entrance is forbidden for people wearing helmets’, Serra Dourada Landless Encampment in Canaã dos Carajás, Eastern Amazonia – Rodrigo Castriota.

Inhabiting the Extensions

AbdouMaliq Simone, Dominique Somda, Giulia Torino, Miya Irawati, Niranjana R., Nitin Bathla, Rodrigo Castriota, Simone Vegliò, Tanya Chandra

The roadmap to informed design through science-design iterative loops © ETH Zürich

Science-design Loop for the Design of Resilient Urban Landscapes

Nicolas Salliou, Tony Arborino, Joan Iverson Nassauer, Diego Salmeron, Philipp Urech, Derek Vollmer, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey

Cover der Publikaton Stadtwerdung im Zeitraffer

Stadtwerdung im Zeitraffer

Meret Wandeler, Ulrich Görlich, Caspar Schärer (Hg.)

Spatial distribution of the raster cells with authorized forest clearances between 2001 and 2017 (binary response variable clear), represented in black. © PLUS, ETH Zürich

What drives deforestation in Switzerland?

David Troxler, Astrid Zabel, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey

Cover der Publikation: Erkenntnisse zum aktuellen Wohnungsnotstand

Erkenntnisse zum aktuellen Wohnungsnotstand: Bautätigkeit, Verdrängung und Akzeptanz

David Kaufmann, Elena Lutz, Fiona Kauer, Malte Wehr, Michael Wicki

Schematic Drawing of Mountain Resilience: A Systematic Literature Review and Paths to the Future

Mountain Resilience: A Systematic Literature Review and Paths to the Future

Romano Wyss, Tobias Luthe, Lydia Pedoth, Stefan Schneiderbauer, Carolina Adler, Martha Apple, Eduardo Erazo Acosta, Haley Fitzpatrick, Jamila Haider, Gözde Ikizer, Angelo Jonas Imperiale, Nuray Karanci, Eva Posch, Olimjon Saidmamatov, Thomas Thaler

Quo vadis Raumentwicklung Schweiz? Umfrage zur Zukunft der Raumentwicklung Schweiz

Spatial Transformation Laboratories (STL) | Institut für Raum- und Landschaftsentwicklung (IRL)

Anthologie Landschaft – Lucius Burckhardt

Thomas Kissling (Hrsg.)

Cover der Arch+ Ausgabe 250: The Great Repair – Politiken der Reparaturgesellschaft

ARCH+ #250. THE GREAT REPAIR – Politiken der Reparaturgesellschaft

ARCH+ (Christian Hiller, Felix Hofmann, Markus Krieger, Anh-Linh Ngo), Florian Hertweck, Milica Topalović, and Nazlı Tümerdem in conversation with Marc Angélil, Silke Langenberg, Momoyo Kaijima, and Bas Princen

Cover of the publication "Unearthing Traces"

Unearthing Traces

Denise Bertschi, Julien Lafontaine Carboni, Nitin Bathla (Hrsg.)

predicted acceptance levels for all possible projects (B) by Proximity frame. Error bars show 95% confidence intervals.

Planning Instruments Enhance the Acceptance of Urban Densification

Michael Wicki, Katrin Hofer, David Kaufmann

Agadir. Building the Modern Afropolis

Tom Avermaete, Maxime Zaugg

Size Matters

Giancarlos Parady, Kay W. Axhausen

Dimensions of place (adapted from Canter (1977) and Montgomery (1998)) and resulting concepts in bold (place qualities, sense of place, place affect) © ETH Zürich

Operationalising Place for Land System Science

Michal Switalski, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey

Wohnen: Zwölf Schlüsselthemen sozialräumlicher Wohnforschung

Christine Hannemann, Nicola Hilti, Christian Reutlinger (Hrsg.)