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MaaS bundle design: Fig. 3. Exemplary stated choice experiment (Ho et al., 2020a).

MaaS Bundle Design

Daniel J. Reck, David A. Hensher, Chinh Q. Ho

Pedrozzi Perpetuating Architecture

Perpetuating Architecture

Martino Pedrozzi, Günther Vogt, Thomas Kissling, Bruno Reichlin, Sebastiano Brandolini

Upscaling Earth. Material, Process, Catalyst

Anna Heringer, Lindsay Blair Howe, Martin Rauch

Exklusiv Europabrücke

Exklusiv Europabrücke. Auf Umwegen durch Zürich-Altstetten

Patrick Düblin, Isabelle Fehlmann, Christophe Girot, Myriam Uzor (Hg.)

Lost in Paradise

Lost in Paradise. A Journey trough the Persian Landscape

Siamak Anvari, Annemarie Bucher, Fujan Fahmi, Janic Fotsch, Christophe Girot, Javad Hoseinzadeh, Azadeh Arjomand Kermani, Reihane Khorramrouei, Amin Mahan, Ali Mousavi, Mahroo Movahedi, Dunja Richter, Shirana Shahbazi, Myriam Uzor, Saskia de Wit

Urban Policy Analysis, David Kaufmann

Toward an Urban Policy Analysis

David Kaufmann, Mara Sidney


Zuhause alt werden

Dr. Eveline Althaus & Angela Birrer

Buchcover Mutation und Morphose / Mutation and Morphosis, Professur Günther Vogt

Mutation und Morphosis. Landscape as Aggregate

Günther Vogt, Thomas Kissling

Khiali-​Miab, Amin, van Strien, Maarten J., Axhausen, Kay W. & Adrienne Grêt-​Regamey (2019). Combining urban scaling and polycentricity to explain socio-​economic status of urban regions. PLoS ONE, 14 (6), e0218022

Combining Urban Scaling and Polycentricity to Explain Socio-economic Status of Urban Regions

Amin Khiali-Miab, Maarten J. van Strien, Kay W. Axhausen, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey

Figure 1. Traffic in urban road networks. (a) Shows the layers of urban transportation networks. The city with all streets forms the basis, where a major road network takes over the connecting functions and then the public transport system. Background map is courtesy of OpenStreetMap. (b) Time series of a single detector on a street in Zurich, and (c) the corresponding scatter plot of detector occupancy versus flow. When aggregating al measurements in the purple area in (a), smooth curves in the flow-density domain (d), and in the speed density domain (e) emerge.

Understanding Traffic Capacity of Urban Networks

Allister Loder, Lukas Ambühl, Monica Menendez, Kay W. Axhausen

The Grand Projet publication FCL

The Grand Projet. Understanding the Making and Impact of Urban Megaprojects

Kees Christiaanse, Anna Gasco, Naomi Hanakata

Induzierter Verkehr durch autonome Fahrzeuge: Eine Abschätzung, Forschungsprojekt SVI 2016/001

Induzierter Verkehr durch autonome Fahrzeuge: Eine Abschätzung

Sebastian Hörl; Felix Becker; Thibaut Dubernet; Kay W. Axhausen

Anouk Vogel: Soliloquy, Architecture Monograms

Architecture Monogram 2: Anouk Vogel, Soliloquy

Anouk Vogel, Series Editor and co-author: Cathelijne Nuijsink

Anita Grams: Playing with Density

Playing with Density

Anita Grams

Future Cities Laboratory Indicia 02

Stephen Cairns and Devisari Tunas


Auf Abwegen

Beiträge von Patrick Düblin, Isabelle Fehlmann, Christophe Girot, Anne Lacaton, Karen O’Rourke, Jacqueline Parish, Aline Schoch, Stalker (Francesco Careri und Lorenzo Romito)

Alpine cultural landscape: View from the mountain peak of Falknis towards Rätikon near Klosters. (Photo: Peter Rüegg / ETH Zurich)

Actors’ diversity and the resilience of social-ecological systems to global change

Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne; Huber, Sibyl H.; Huber, Robert

Janina Gosseye and Tom Avermaete (eds.), Acculturating the Shopping Centre (London Routledge, 2018)

Acculturating the Shopping Centre

Janina Gosseye and Tom Avermaete (eds.)


Mirroring Effects: Tales of Territory

Marc Angélil and Cary Siress

Spatial modelling of origin-destination commuting flows in Switzerland

Spatial modelling of origin-destination commuting flows in Switzerland

Thomas Schatzmann, Georgios Sarlas, Kay W. Axhausen

Eine Bodenagenda für die Raumplanung: Cover

Eine Bodenagenda für die Raumplanung

Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, Sander Kool, Lukas Bühlmann, Samuel Kissling

Waiting in the Sky. Copyright: ETH Zurich, U-TT, Daniel Schwartz

Waiting in the Sky – Testbeds for a Vertical Future in Torre David

Editors: Mike Chieffalo, Julia Smachylo. Authors: Alfredo Brillembourg, Hubert Klumpner, Klearjos Papanicolaou

GDI Studie Future Public Space

Future Public Space. Die Zukunft des öffentlichen Raums

Marta Kwiatkowski, Stefan Breit, Leonie Thalmann