Prof. Dr. Francesco Corman | Transport Systems

Francesco Corman is professor of Transport systems at the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems (IVT). Previously professor at TU Delft and KU Leuven, he joined ETH in 2017. His main fields of research include operation and control of public transport systems, rail traffic management, logistics and maintenance.


His research focuses on five main research areas:

  • the measurement, observation, and description of public transport-systems performance in operational conditions;
  • prediction and optimization methods for transport systems, including public-transport systems for the mobility of people; transport systems for the mobility of goods; the interaction with walking and cycling traffic, and human-powered mobility;
  • the energy efficiency and (partially) autonomous operations of train systems;
  • determining conditions to increase the value of transport systems by better monitoring and maintenance;
  • determining impact and corrective actions in real-life public-transport systems given recurrent or exceptional perturbations by means of surveys and experiments, game theory, and agent-based models.