Text length
Your text should be between 2000 to a maximum of 6000 characters (including spaces) in length.

Please define a short and attractive title (up to 80 characters), which moves readers to read your review and differentiates itself from the book title.
The following bibliographical information belongs at the end of each book review: name of the author/authors, year of publication, title/subtitle, place of publication and publisher, ISBN number. If possible, also include number of pages and price.

Writing style/Language
Draft your review in the clearest, most coherent and concise manner possible. Please refrain from using lists or footnotes.
You may write in one of the languages used by DISP (German, French, Italian, English).


The best way to send us the text of your book review is by electronic means (e.g. Word file) using E-mail (disp@nsl.ethz.ch) or on a CD-ROM. You can recieve a copy of the reviewed book with our compliments. The editorial staff witholds the right to revise, shorten, or make stilistic changes to submitted book reviews.

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