Text length

We recommend a text length of 5000 to 8000 characters (including spaces) for book reviews.


The title of the publication will automatically be adopted as the book review title.

Publication details

Please provide the following information relating to the book under review: name of author(s), year of publication, title/subtitle, place of publication and publisher, ISBN number. If possible, please include number of pages and price.


Book reviews may be written in any of the official publication languages: German, French, Italian or English. Please use clear, coherent and concise language and refrain from using lists or footnotes.


Book reviews may be submitted online via Editorial Manager or by email as a Word file to the following address: disp@ethz.ch. Book reviewers will be sent a complimentary print copy of the relevant issue following publication.

Print proofs/print approval

Following acceptance for publication, your text will be forwarded to the Editorial Office for proofreading. The book review will then be sent to Production for layout. The author will be issued with a print proof in PDF format and given the opportunity to provide feedback and/or minor corrections (feedback loop). Correction requests should be either inserted into the PDF document or listed in a Word file and sent by email to the Editorial Office by the deadline given. A comprehensive revision of the text is no longer possible at this point. Once the amendments have been made, a final print proof will be issued with a deadline for print approval. If author print approval is not received by the given date, the editors reserve the right to print the book review in its current form without final approval or waive publication.