Territiorial Design in Histories, Theories and Projects «Architecture of Territory»

Core Course on Thursdays, starting 20 September, 10:00–12:00 | ETH Zurich, Oerlikon, ONA E7, Neunbrunnenstr. 50.

This lecture series sets up the agenda for widening the disciplinary field of architecture and urbanism from their focus on the city, or the urban in the narrow sense, to wider territorial scales, which correspond to the growing scales of contemporary urbanization. It discusses the concepts of territory and urbanisation, and their implications for the work of architects and urbanists.

In the frame of the course, three guest lectures are open to the public:

11. 10. Cartography and Representation by Philippe Rekacewicz
01. 11. Landscape and Image by Bas Princen
29. 11. Food Systems by Charlotte Malterre Barthes

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Contemporary City Institute, Architecture of Territory, Prof. Milica Topalović
Contact: Tobias Baitsch