Athena Lecture Series (Graphic: unfolded, Zurich)
Athena Lecture Series (Graphic: unfolded, Zurich)

10 March 2021, 18:00–19:30 | Alexandra Lange: «Looking for Role Models in All the Wrong Places».

ETH CASE organizes in collaboration with the Parity-​ and Diversity Group of DARCH a series of lectures by internationally recognized designers and scholars in the field of urban studies, architecture, urban design, urban and city planning and landscape architecture.

This International ATHENA Lecture Series invites 8 world class female scholars to D-​ARCH in the years 2020-​2021. As the first guest for the Athena Lecture in 2021, Alexandra Lange will present «Looking for Role Models in All the Wrong Places».

The ATHENA Lecture Series gives students and faculty an opportunity to interact with leading senior and junior faculty – female scholars, scientists, architects and professionals who are internationally and globally renowned. By bringing the brightest minds, most engaging speakers, and influential people to ETH Hönggerberg, we want to encourage thought-​provoking conversations and genesis of ideas.

During their visit, invited guests present their scholarly and creative research in a public lecture. The public lecture is followed then by an engaging discussion with moderator.

The ATHENA Lectures are made possible by the financial support of ETH (presidents office) and of D-​ARCH.