Die Schweiz, ein städtebauliches Portrait

Schweizer Stararchitekten entwerfen für die Schweiz eine neue Landeskarte der urbanen Topografie Das «ETH Studio Basel – Institut Stadt der Gegenwart» hat das Territorium der Schweiz in einer mehrjährigen Forschungsarbeit in allen seinen vielschichtigen Aspekten untersucht. Geografische, historische, sprachliche, kulturelle, soziale, ökonomische, verkehrspolitische, urbanistische und architektonische Strukturen sind More

Nile Valley

The Nile Valley covers merely 5% of Egypt’s territory, while providing a living environment for 95% of the country’s population. This thousand kilometer long and fertile strip of land embedded in smooth valley topography bordering the desert allowed the genesis of civilizations dating back as far as 3000 More


Continuously inhabited since the Neolithic age, Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, but its development is based on frequent ruptures and breaks instead of continuity and cumulative growth. The identity of Belgrade is historically linked to the Orient (Byzantium, Ottoman Empire) and the Occident (Austro-Hungarian More

Thurgau – Project for the Quiet Zones

Since June 2006, a project team of ETH Studio Basel has been elaborating concrete projects for the “quiet zones” in the Canton of Thurgau on behalf of the Thurgau Think Tank, a foundation with private and public participation. This research is a continuation of a study on Switzerland More


Similar to Hong Kong, because of its strategic situation on the coast of the Atlantic, Casablanca is one of the oldest Global Cities. From the beginning of the last century, first under the French protectorate and then, from 1956 onward, as the economic center of Morocco, the city More

Hong Kong

The Asian city of Hong Kong is a place of extraordinary economic and demographic dynamics. Formerly under British rule, it has undergone a radical change in orientation since the 1997 handover. The creation of the HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) as a city-state implies an ambiguous and More


This semester Central Florida was investigated, a territory that has changed radically in the last century; in a rela­tively short period, a multi-layered urban topography has covered the near-tropical wilderness. The area’s complexity results from an interaction of different processes: the forces driving urban growth such as the More