On Mondays, 10:00 – 12:00 | ETH Zurich, Oerlikon, ONA E16, Neunbrunnenstrasse 50, 8050 Zurich.

Lecturers: Hubert Klumpner with Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou

The elective course «Action! On the Real City – CAMPUS: Sensory Ethnography of Educational Space» develops new forms of urban literacy in learning from the complex, real-life city. The course aims to use diverse qualitative research methods and practical recording tools to interrogate the fine grains of educational spaces through a multi-disciplinary lens including urbanism, social research and media use. What is the role of design in Zurich’s educational spaces? How and where does education happen in the first place? Outputs will focus around sensory ethnographic storytelling – particularly through filmmaking – to respond to these questions.

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Institute for Urban Design | Urban-Think Tank, Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, Prof. Hubert Klumpner
Contact: Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou