Lecture Series (Wahlfach) from 24 September 2018, on Mondays, 14:00–15:45 | ETH Zurich Hönggerberg, HIL F 10.3.

Coordinated and moderated by Dr. Jennifer Duyne Barenstein, ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE.

The aim of this elective course is to sensitize students about the specific urban development and housing challenges in the Global South. The concept of adequate housing will be introduced as an analytical framework to assess the viability, effectiveness, sustainability and cultural appropriateness of different housing strategies and participatory methods. A number of invited lecturers will present their projects or field research based case studies from a number of countries including Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil and India.

24.09. Introduction (Dr. Jennifer Duyne Barenstein) Torre David (Prof. Hubert Klumpner)
01.10. Culturally appropriate housing for the urban poor and in Bolivia (Alain Vimercati)
08.10. MCMV + APB = MCNC (Prof. Dr. Marc Angélil)
15.10. Arquitectos de Cabecera (Raül Avilla)
29.10. Tackling the housing deficit in Colombia (Daniela Sanjines)
05.11. Housing Behaviours (Prof. Momoyo Kaijima)
12.11. Design as Infrastructure (Dr. Julia King)
19.11. Foroba Yelen (Matteo Ferroni)
26.11. Dharavi <> Versoix (Matias Echonave)
03.12. People at the Centre? (Dr. Jennifer Duyne Barenstein and Nitin Bathla)


Institute for Urban Design, ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE