Observations and Proposals of the International Experts Group – Commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Spatial Development

At the request of the Swiss Federal Office of Spatial Development(ARE), an international group of spatial planning experts looked into the current state of Swiss spatial planning and development under the direction and moderation of Professor Bernd Scholl. The five members of the group, Max van den Berg (NL), Gaëlle Pinson (F), Thomas Sieverts (D), Christof Schremmer (A) and John Zetter (GB), led conversations and discussions with numerous experts and politicians in the various parts of the country. The goal was to assess the current situation of spatial planning and to look at this in relation to the potential challenges of the future.

The report contained perspectives on cultural landscapes, agglomerations, urban networks and functional spaces, along with infrastructures and spatial development, cross-border dimensions and spatial planning in strategic surroundings. An evaluation of Swiss spatial planning from a French, German, Dutch, Austrian and English viewpoint, as well as a presentation on spatial planning in their own countries,   completed the report.


Completed project