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At the request of the Chur Lake Association and in cooperation with representatives of the city of Chur and the Canton of Graubünden, a rough concept for a water landscape on the Chur Rossboden is being developed. The questions of landscape architectural design, subsequent city development potential, ecology, hydrology and feasibility, as well as a possible division into stages are all being intensively worked out.

For decades, military installations have played an important role on the outer districts of the city of Chur between the river and highway. The loss of jobs through the closing of the armory with a simultaneous increased level of noise from the intensive use of the weapon range have released resentment among the Chur population. This was the reason the Chur Lake Association was founded: that through its vision, the role of a water landscape on the Rossboden could be thoroughly challenged and its potential as a catalyst for the future development of the city could be ascertained.

In 2005, the Chur Lake Association contracted Professur Girot to work up a concept for the Rossboden. This should include a water landscape for Chur that is entirely new, and at the same time deals respectfully with the natural processes and landscape heritage. An exhibition of the landscape architectonic design in the Chur city gallery had, in addition, the goal of initiating discussion among residents. Reflection based on these first student projects formed the basis for a feasibility study that was introduced to the public in spring 2007.

Now, in the ongoing diploma elective subject, ‘Immerge’, the knowledge gained from this study is being translated into a concrete rough concept. In cooperation with international and regional specialists and planners, such as the Chur city architect or the cantonal hydrologist, a design for the Rossboden will be worked out, initiating the future recreational area and its influence on future city development.

Girot: Immerge
Girot: Immerge

Completed project