Lecuna Avenue Revitalization project is a master plan linked to the Metro Cable San Agustin; it aims to recover abandoned sites leftover from the construction of Caracas Metro’s Line 4, in order to create new low-income, residential buildings and community services. By proposing a series of interventions that intend to provide new social housing and infrastructure projects running along the road above the underground metro line, the Lecuna Avenue Revitalization Project may be considered one vision for Caracas’ future. The proposed buildings are to be erected on land left vacant from the extension of the Metro line; this includes areas where metro vents pierce the ground and where new Metro stations surface, as well as land used for storage and temporary offices during construction.

In a challenge to the existing vision for the avenue, a more complex program was proposed through the addition of several features for each site. One such feature of the larger Lecuna Avenue project, the Teatros building, provides important social services for the neighborhood in an innovative aggregation of functions. Lecuna Avenue presents itself as the spine of the area crossed by the Metro line, opening up the new programs around the new line’s five stations. The activities are overlapped, layered and linked within the buildings and throughout the avenue.


Alfredo Brillembourg & Hubert Klumpner


Aksel Alvarez
Jørn Are Vigestad Berge
Signe Arst
Carlos Bastidas
Luis Ricardo Benavides
Floris Biggelar
Andres Carter
Ganbat Choidogjamts
Nestor Corzo
David Ricardo Dávila
Elisabeth Florian
Carlos Guimares Andrea Guzmán
Jose Ignacio Guzmán
Claudia Heinzl
Andrea Hernández
Efrén Hernandez
María Valentina Hernández
Olav Kalves
Kwi-Hae Kim
Robert Kofler
Wilfried Krammer
Kyo Suk Lee
Rafael Machado
María Carolina Montilla
George Azaria-Moreno
Margori Moreno
Anuschka Müller
José Antonio Nuñez
Ricardo Parra
Jessika Parra
Katherina Rhode
Gerardo Rojas
Fernando Rojo
Luis Efren Santana
Mateusz Tarczymski
Gernot Taschler
Ricardo Toro
Alejandro Vega
Anna Wachtmeister


C. A. Metro de Caracas


Caracas, Venezuela

Structural Engineering

Andres Steiner, Castellon & Steiner

Landscape Design

Topotek 1

Graphic Design

Intégral Ruedi Baur & Associés

Project timeframe

2008 – 2011


Completed project