Urbanised Border Regions at ‘EU-12’ borders according to CONPASS

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Weidmann | Transport Systems

Local Public Transport in Cross-Border Agglomerations

In times when most European agglomerations are affected by congestion, local public transport is one of the most important elements to promote the development of conurbations. Agglomerations extending over international boundaries are a special challenge for local public transport; the cross-border connections are generally less developed than the national connections.

The aim of the research project is to systematically record and analyse the structural differences between cross-border and national local public transport. Thereby, the project notably differs from previous research by following a generic approach: Apart from the consideration of a range of single cases, the findings are to be abstracted and examined for regularities.

The results are intended not only as a contribution to a better understanding of local public transport in urban borderlands, but also as guidance for the future development of cross-border agglomerations.