Prof. Dr. Ulrich Weidmann | Transport Systems

Predicting the duration of disruptions of railway operation, disposition and event communication

Good railway systems distinguish themselves through high reliability and availability. Nevertheless, operational disruptions through internal or external influences cannot always be avoided. The goal set for this postdoctoral work is to raise the operational manageability of operational disruptions through better predictions of the duration of the disruption:

Is it possible to predict railway operation disruptions reliably enough that the disruption prediction can be used for the disposition process and customer information?

Some concrete objectives arise from this question: to improve disposition in an event by presupposing a structured return to regular operation and to create an efficient organisation of the back-up operation. The more precisely the prediction for a disruption can be carried out, the greater is the manageability of a disruption and the more limited is the failure of its operational effects.


Steffen Schranil


Prognose der Dauer von Störungen des Bahnbetriebs


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