David Kaufmann, Mara Sidney

A new Symposium called «Toward an Urban Policy Analysis» is out in PS: Political Science & Politics edited by David Kaufmann and Mara Sidney (Rutgers University). The Symposium aims to develop theoretical foundations for an urban policy analysis built from urban empirical work.

An urban policy analysis is not simply relevant because of the high volume of potentially innovative policy activity happening in cities but also because it highlights dimensions of political life that are more visible within cities but that also operate at other scales. Contemporary confrontations between public and private property, power and justice, participation and exclusion, wealth and poverty, and emerging technology and existing economic, social, and political structures take physical form in cities. Cities are «burning glasses» of our society that show societal and technological transformations most clearly in their speed, intensity, and relentlessness. An analysis of cities, therefore, is relevant for more broadly understanding processes in society at large.

The Symposium consists of seven articles that explore three proposed key dimensions of urban policy making, namely participation, multilevel governance and «seeing like a city». The articles draw on interdisciplinary insights and examine different urban policy sectors in cities on different continents.

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