OMG (Testsite, work in progress)

In order to promote psychological wellbeing for all people studying and working at The Department of Architecture the OMG (On Mental Goodness) has been established in 2019. The OMG Commission consists of students, staff, and professors and aims to make the D-ARCH a healthy and constructive place for everyone. We are responsible for understanding, More

Are Integrated Infrastructure Networks Governable in Contemporary City Regions?

Guest: Prof. Dr. Michael Neuman, Professor of Sustainable Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Westminster. The very possibility of governance that is critical — in terms of providing robust human rights, meaningful participative democracy, equitable distribution of wealth, goods and services, and strong environmental More

Spatial Planning Concerns All of Us!

Our behavior affects the space around us. We decide where we live, how we travel and where we spend our free time. This impacts on space. Spatial planning is entirely in our hands. Spatial planning is democratic. Spatial planning allows everyone to participate. Kindly supported by Cinémathèque suisse.