Antigone und Ödipus (CC0 1.0 / Wikimedia Commons / C.W. Eckersberg)

Dr. Anastasios Kouvelas | Traffic Engineering and Control

Designing anti-fragile large-scale traffic frameworks

Traffic optimisation


  1. Design and develop a framework to fuse physics knowledge in the design of the large-​scale system optimisation by means of machine learning, control theory, and simulation in order to achieve antifragile behaviour at scale.
  2. Provide an instantiation of the framework for traffic optimisation.
  3. Provide a validation and deployment tool in the form of software tools.

ETH Zürich:

Huawei MRC:

  • C. Axenie

Huawei MRC


Antifragile Urban Mobility: Traffic Control Beyond Resilience (NSL Newsletter, December 2023)

Project timeframe

09.2022 – 03.2024