Image: Arcadia, Bas Princen 2015

European territory has become completely urbanized. The countryside in the traditional sense has disappeared; the distinctions between town and country have been blurred. In contrast to the unambiguous urban transformations of cities, the processes of urban change in the countryside are massive, yet often unnoticed. Away from the public eye, these processes have created new urban identities and configurations in the formerly rural realm of Europe. The research project European Countryside explores the terra incognita of the countryside and its radical mutations. The project aims to reinvent the contemporary countryside as a legitimate and critical subject of the discipline of architecture. From the Greek Arcadia in 2016, to the Swiss Lac Leman in 2017, and onward, the design studios are dedicated to selected cases from the European panorama of countrysides. Their aim is to investigate the impact of urbanization processes in the countryside and reconsider the present and future of countryside in the form of territorial projects.


Asst. Prof. Milica Topalovic
Hans Hortig
Karoline Kostka
Metaxia Markaki
Ferdinand Pappenheim
Thaïs de Roquemaurel