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Prof. em. Dr. Bernd Scholl | Spatial Development

Planning Process Studies «Spatial Development of the Lower Reuss Valley»

As part of the development goals of the government programme of 2004-2008 for the Canton of Uri, a broadly applied test planning process was conducted in the Lower Reuss Valley in 2006. Prof. Dr. Scholl served as moderator and scientific advisor of the process. Members of the Chair for Spatial Development participated in the process as a planning team.


  • The lower Reuss Valley meets all prerequisites for a capable future in the Alpine region. However, the traffic routes, outstanding as they are currently, do not suffice to compete with other comparative regions. All further necessary factors are in existence, but need to be partially reorganised or reordered.
  • Motors and pulse generators for the spatial reorganisation in the lower Reuss Valley are national train projects. Explorative studies have shown that the Canton of Uri does not benefit from variants such as laying track along the mountains in any fashion. Much more worrisome is the danger that clinging to this plan will create a blockade for further or higher priority measures in the valley – both for the time until construction and the time thereafter. A mutual planning of railway and canton offers the largest potential for the development and implementation of significant building blocks.
  • The requirements for living change and affected communities should demonstrate that modern living in the lower Reuss Valley is possible in renovated existing buildings as well as in modern buildings, based on specific outstanding case studies.
  • The qualities and dimensions of open space and landscape possess a higher priority than in the past. Internally oriented developments can win back the surrounding landscape and with grand, over-arching dimensions can become a prominent factor for local identification.
  • In the future, business and industrial uses should be concentrated where there are adequate traffic routes and no negative influences on residential and landscape areas.

Railway projects form the window of time for the development of the canton. In order to properly use this window, the canton Uri should attempt to obtain latitude for all possible negotiations. It could be helpful to to set the goals of overall growth and development as a higher priority than the significance of individual building structures.


Completed Project