Photo: Iwan Baan

Prof. Hubert Klumpner | Architecture and Urban Design

Vertical Gymnasium (Gimnasio Vertical™)

This project is a prefabricated construction system that explores a modular, structural and vertical arrangement of a series of track and field sports (volleyball, martial arts, running track, weight lifting area, basketball, etc.). Three have been built in Caracas, while versions will soon be constructed in Amman and Sao Paulo. The vertical dimension of the gym structure compensates for a severe lack of sports fields in the slum areas of the city. The inner city is an area where little open land is available, crime rates and violence are skyrocketing, and population densities up to 768 per/ha are common. The goal of the project is to create new shared spaces, nurturing values such as fair play and tolerance; the youth can measure one another in sportive competition rather than in violent street fights.

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Alfredo Brillembourg & Hubert Klumpner
Mateo Pinto
Matias Pinto
Jose Nuñez
Marielly Casanova
Eduardo Kairuz
Francisco Martin
Ricardo Toro
Eduardo Kairuz


Municipality of Chacao, Leopoldo Lopez


Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela

Community outreach

Felix Caraballo

Sustainability Engineering

Guy Battle
Battle McCarthy

Electrical services

Freddy Ferro

Graphic design

Intégral / Ruedi Baur

Sanitary services

Roberto Nino

Sport coordinator

Jose Miguel Perez

Construction Management

Luis Torres

Project timeframe

2001 – 2004


Completed project