18 September, 15:00–17:00 | ETH Zürich, Hönggerberg, HIL E3.
Lecturer: Catherine Mosbach, French Landscape Architect, mosbach paysagistes.

Landscape asserts a painting that some aspire to put under bell. The bottomless abysses of our practice as landscape architects probe the alliances beyond courtiers of generic green. We, and the medium of which we are part, come from the elements and return to them. Our projects explore points of view of the visible parameters of chromatic moults, at the rhythm of cycles whose length varies according to ingredients – microorganisms- isms, photons, air, water, plants, animals, homosapiens. Thus, the work itself takes the word of a world towards the other.


Institute of Landscape and Urban Studies, MSc Landscape Architecture.
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Contact: Silvia Converso.