Das NSL Kolloquium ist eine halbjährlich stattfindende Präsentation herausragender Arbeit. Das Thema wird jeweils durch die einladende Professur festgelegt.


Sustainable Urbanism

Organisierende Professur:

Guest: Prof. Michael Neuman, Professor of Sustainable Urbanism, School of Architecture and Cities.

14. November 2019. More information to follow as soon as available.

Prof. Martin Savelsbergh, Georgia Tech

Current Challenges for Logistics

14 May 2019 | ETH main building HG G 60 (Semper-Aula), Rämistrasse 101, Zurich. Link to the film recording Logistics and mobility of goods is facing relevant substantial challenges, which are mostly invisible to users, differently from the challenges of personal mobility, such as delays, traffic jams, etc, Mehr