NSL-Colloquium 2015|1
Guests: Charles Hoch and Willem Salet

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The NSL colloquia are a bi-annual presentation of exceptional work under a rotating theme determined by the inviting professor. Prof. Dr. Bernd Scholl, Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development, invited his guests Willem Salet (University of Amsterdam) and Charles Hoch (University of Illinois, Chicago) for Thursday 29th October 2015. The speech will take place at the ETH main building and be connected to the event and exhibition 50 years MAS Raumplanung.


17:00 Entry
17:15 Welcome, Introduction, Prof. Dr. Bernd Scholl, IRL, NSL
17:30 The Challenge of Sustainable Planning for US Metropolitan Areas; Prof. Charles Hoch, University of Chicago, Illinois
18:00 Development of Metropolitan Areas in the Netherlands, Tendencies and Challenges; Prof. Willem Salet, University of Amsterdam
18:30 Discussion
19:00 Apéro and opening «Jubiläumsausstellung»

Biography Charles Hoch

Professor Hoch received his MCP from San Diego State University in 1975 and a doctorate in Urban Planning from UCLA in 1981. After a short stint at Iowa State he joined the Department of Urban Planning & Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Hoch has taught lecture and workshop courses on the history, theory, organization and practice of urban planning. In the last decade, he helped institute an innovate plan making curriculum inspired by a pragmatist conception of practice. Hoch has played an active role in the intellectual and institutional development of planning education in the United States. As chair of the Planning Accreditation Board he lead efforts to develop measures for assessing university planning school performance while also instituting outcome based evaluation.

Hoch has written several books on the conduct of planning, Frank So and Linda Dalton, editing The Practice of Local Government Planning (International City Managers Association, 2000); as well as authoring What Planners Do: Power, Politics and Persuasion. (Planners Press, 1994). He has also published research on housing and community development including Under One Roof edited with George Hemmens and Jana Carp (SUNY Press, 1996) and authoring with Robert Slayton. New Homeless and Old:  Community and the Skid Row Hotel. (Temple University Press, 1989). Hoch has published over a 100 articles, chapters and book reviews on planning theory, practice and housing in The Journal of the American Planning Association, The Journal of Planning Education and Research, The Journal of Architectural and Planning Research, Planning Theory, Planning Theory & Practice, Plan Canada, Town Planning Review and other social science journals.

Biography Willem Salet

Prof. Salet (1951) graduated as a physical planner and sociologist at Utrecht University. He worked at the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (1980 -1995) where he also completed his dissertation on Law and State (Utrecht University 1996). He was a part-time professor of urban governance at TU Delft from 1994 -1996. Since 1995, Willem Salet is professor of urban and regional planning at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Amsterdam. Here, he headed the interdisciplinary Amsterdam research institute of the Metropolitan Environment from 1998 to 2003. Prof Salet chairs the Programme Group Urban Planning since 1998. He was the President of the Association of European Schools of Planning (2007-2009) and has fulfilled many positions in this international planners association. He was among the founders of the global association of Planning, Law and Property Rights.

Willem Salet specializes and publishes in the field of urban networks, strategic planning, cultural and legal institutions. He coordinated a lot of national and international research. He coordinated jointly with Andy Thornley and Anton Kreukels research into ‘Metropolitan Governance and Spatial Planning’ in 20 regions of Europe (Routledge 2006).  And with Enrico Gualini a EU sponsored research into ‘Framing Strategic Urban Projects’ (Routledge 2006). In The Netherlands he coordinated a large consortium on ‘Synergy in Urban Networks’. Recently, he coordinated the international project CONTEXT on ‘contextualization of planning and law’ 2012-2014, sponsored by the Dutch National Scientific Organisation. At present, he supervises two internationally associated projects APRILab, one with Federico Savini on ‘dilemmas of planning, regulation and investment in European city-regions’ (JPI Urban Europe), and the second with Stan on the dilemmas of self-development of housing and facilities in Brazilian and Dutch cities (sponsored by the scientific organizations of these countries).

Willem Salet


29 October | 17:15 h


ETH Zürich, Zentrum, Hauptgebäude, D7.1

50 Jahre Raumplanungsausbildung an der ETH Zürich – ein Jubiläum mit Blick nach vorne!

Die ETH Zürich vermittelt seit 50 Jahren praxisrelevantes Know-how in Fragen der räumlichen Entwicklung. Diese sind heute so aktuell wie kaum je zuvor: Räumliche Konflikte zwischen verschiedenen Nutzungsansprüchen nehmen stetig zu. Mit dem Jubiläumsjahr wird ein Meilenstein gesetzt. Verschiedene Events befassen sich intensiv mit Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft der Raumplanung in der Schweiz und an der ETH Zürich.


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