Die Schweiz, ein städtebauliches Portrait

Schweizer Stararchitekten entwerfen für die Schweiz eine neue Landeskarte der urbanen Topografie Das «ETH Studio Basel – Institut Stadt der Gegenwart» hat das Territorium der Schweiz in einer mehrjährigen Forschungsarbeit in allen seinen vielschichtigen Aspekten untersucht. Geografische, historische, sprachliche, kulturelle, soziale, ökonomische, verkehrspolitische, urbanistische und architektonische Strukturen sind More

Canary Islands: Open Closed

Our first steps on the Canary Islands were accompanied by prejudices and doubts as to whether there would be anything interesting to see there apart from the usual phenomena accompanying the distasteful development of mass tourism. We were trying to establish whether anything could be found that would More


The master plan has failed. Based on a concept of the city as a sharply defined and well enclosed entity, with a strong preference for the plan view with a top-down approach, and preoccupied with the notion of a final state that the city is to achieve for More


Nairobi is shaped by strong contrasts in wealth and quality of infrastructure. While some of the most affluent neighborhoods can be found in the west of the city, along with beautiful gardens and vast golf courses, Nairobi is home to one of the biggest slum of the continent, More

Beirut – Damascus

We can observe the cities in the Middle East at a crucial moment in time. Rich in architectural and urbanistic heritage and finding themselves at a turning point of political transformation and undergoing extensive (re-) construction, these cities grapple with questions of identity, globalization and a reconsideration of More


Strategically located at the mouth of the Nile Delta, the region around Cairo has been continuously inhabited for the last five millennia. With Memphis, capital of the Old Kingdom approximately 3000 BC located a few kilometers to the south, the pyramids of Giza, constructed approximately 2500 BC to More