Prof. Dr. Bryan T. Adey | Infrastructure Management

Future-proofing strategies FOr RESilient transport networks against Extreme Events (FORESEE)

System-wide transportation risks are not well understood across modes, regions, and critical interdependent sectors, creating uncertainty about risks resulting from a major system disruption. There is a lack of resilience schemes, especially for the long term, integrated into transport infrastructure due to an inability to monetize resilience for investment decisions; and there are also strong barriers to its implementation into operating practice. The overall objective of FORESEE is to develop and demonstrate a reliable and easily implementable toolkit to provide short-term and long-term resilience schemes against traffic disruption due to flooding, landslides, and structural damage for rail and road corridors and multimodal terminals. It will help move towards a performance-based framework of risk assessment, relying on: a) an update on best available methodologies, practices, and solutions with data-enhanced models, solutions, and cost-benefit assessments, b) the development of new solutions regarding drainages, pavements, and landslides, and c) a detailed strategy for its successful implementation, integrated into the usual procedures of the life cycle of an infrastructure. Pre-standardization activities will be carried out throughout the life of the project.

The FORESEE toolkit will include:
a) a reliable Data Acquisition System, satellite and terrestrial;
b) a Situation Awareness System for the prediction and alert of extreme events;
c) new materials and systems regarding permeable pavements; drainage and culvert systems, and slope stabilization systems;
d) a Decision Support System to provide better-informed resilience schemes, plus;
e) Guidelines on Standards, Design and Technological Recommendations.

The setting up of a Stakeholders’ Reference Group at early stages of the project will guarantee the accounting for the demands and the acceptance of all end users. FORESEE will enhance international co-operation by twinning with world-leading institutes.


Dr. Claudio Martani, Dr. Clemens Kielhauser, Dr. Marcel Burkhalter, Dr. Natalia Papathanasiou, Dr. Saviz Moghtadernejad, Prof. Dr. Bryan T. Adey



Project timeframe

2018 – 2021