Photo: Roman Streit

Prof. em. Dr. Bernd Scholl | Spatial Development

Public Housing Construction as an Opportunity for Inward Development

In 2015, a comprehensive analysis of the public housing inventory in Switzerland was conducted and its potential for a denser internal structure estimated. Starting point was placing public housing apartment buildings in an international context. In 2016, the findings of the nation-wide overview were strengthened based on various expert discussions and a concrete planning process for placing the public housing project ‘Freistatt’ within Thun’s existing settlement was examined.

In a further step, any additional internal consolidation areas should be explored now using spatial concepts, test designs and expert interviews. The findings should be used for the further development of planning processes, to ensure that the urban structure and the social and ecological quality of possible renewal measures and to motivate the mobilisation of any available areas with densification potential through a comparison of the interests of participating actors.

In total, this project should create an overview of public housing construction in Switzerland and identify any possible opportunities in such a way that these settlement inventories can be further developed in a desirable manner.


Prof. Dr. B. Scholl
Roman Streit
Michael Reisinger


April 2015 – April 2018

This project is sponsored by the Swiss National Fund (SNF).