Dr. Jennifer Duyne Barenstein | ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE

How to Grow: Planning for Holistically Sustainable Land Use

Investigate Spatial Structure and Project Theoretical Pictures of Dynamic Planning Opportunities

Background: Metropolitan areas are systems of organized complexity, highly adaptable to changing circumstances or emerging usage requirements. Aggravating to envisaged future qualitative growth seems the current regulatory maze of normative planning law of static zoning, construction and land use planning. For sustainable settlement development a radical change is needed.
Aim: Development of a tool for a holistically sustainable design planning. Interrelated factors of settlement
structures are examined in the case studies – metropolitan areas of Zurich and Lausanne-Lavaux and based on holistically sustainable criteria the optimal density and mix of land use determined.


Sibylle Wälty


Prof. Dr. iur. Daniela Thurnherr, LL.M., University of Basel; Funding: Swiss National Science Foundation SNF.

Project timeframe

2016 – 2019