Wunderkammer, Professor Günther Vogt, Landscape architecture

Prof. em Dr. h. c. Günther Vogt | Landscape Architecture

Cabinet of Curiosities – Perceive, Collect, Organise, Translate, Visualise

Landscape architecture has become increasingly important with the advance of urbanisation. Architecture students increasingly need more landscape architectural expertise for their designs and interdisciplinary cooperation. The project responds to this fact and develops a web platform that provides quick access to design-relevant knowledge for architecture students.

Resulting from the projects, ‘Lexicon of Landscape Architecture’ and ‘Discourse on Tools,’ the web platform deals with questions of design, based on landscape architectural types, topics and methods. Moreover, tools and their use are presented in various disciplines, in order to promote a variety of media and techniques in design.

The content is presented in the form of annotated images, film clips and texts. Thanks to the navigation and linking system, the content can be concretely searched but also browsed through at random. The functions make it possible to collect objects from the database, to arrange or amend them according to certain parameters, and to continue to use them in printed form.

The project, supported by Innovedum, is a research tool that can be used individually or as part of the teaching. The knowledge it imparts should sharpen one’s understanding of landscape and help fo<rm a consistent terminology. In addition, the platform is designed to encourage exchange between digital and analogue formats and activities. In particular, students should be encouraged to use the tools in a variety of ways and to create their own worlds of references.



Andreas Klein, Meret Arnold



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