20 October 2022, 18:30 |  ETH Zürich, Neunbrunnenstrasse 50, ONA Fokushalle (E7), Zürich.

This year, the LUS Talks will engage diverse perspectives from practitioners and theorists addressing South America’s complex social and ecological landscapes.

As we enter a new wave of global political uncertainty after the pandemic and move towards the middle of the climate crisis, activists and academics from this continent might be able to provide some critical reflections on how to reconnect with each other and with our common world.

On Thursday, October 20, at 18:30, we will begin with Juan Sebastián Bustamante’s lecture «Social Urbanism».

Juan Sebastián Bustamante is an architect and researcher from Medellín, Colombia. He is the project coordinator of the Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies (URBAM) at Eafit University and, together with Alejandro Echeverri, has been in charge of several well-known urban and rural transformation processes in the city of Medellín and the department of Antioquia. Bustamante will focus on „Social Urbanism“, an approach at URBAM that integrates academia, civil society, government, international cooperation and the private sector, placing people and their socio-environmental contexts in the foreground of planning and design. Projects by URBAM are often cited in Latin American academic contexts as innovative case studies that expand the role of an architecture school far beyond the limits of the university.


Institute of Landscape and Urban Studies (LUS)