Prof. Dr. h. c. Günther Vogt | Landscape Architecture

Günther Vogt has been Associate Professor for Landscape Architecture at the ETH Zurich Department of Architecture since September 2005. He has also been operating his own offices in Zurich, London and Berlin since 2000.


Aspects of Landscape Architecture

Professor Vogt’s interests lie in the role of nature as part of the city. Landscape is not surroundings that are aesthetically staged, but rather superordinated spatial categories in which the architecture, infrastructures and free spaces are integrated to make spaces for human possibilities. Their complexity comes out of their unpredictability, their relationality and the processuality in relationship networks between space and living beings. Thus, beyond the ideal aesthetic images of Arcadia, landscape is being subjected to permanent development. It is process and product.

City nature in public spaces creates a field of tension between original growth and design. Identical building modules in quite different manifestations and functional combinations unfold through the underlying contrast of its poetic power.

Landscape architecture archetypes, such as park plaza promenades, courtyards, cemeteries, monuments and gardens, are symbols of society’s images of utopia and paradise in an urban context. The interactions with socio-political currents and the temporal aspects of landscape architectural designs are understood here as parts of the urban culture.