Daylight Simulation Pointcloud of Campus Hoenggerberg, Dr. Michael Walczak, Suzana Lepanovic, Prof. Hubert Klumpner Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, ETH Zürich 2022.

Prof. Hubert Klumpner | Architecture and Urban Design

Daylight in Sustainable Urban Design

By 2050, up to six billion people are expected to live in urban areas, accelerating urban growth and increasing densification. The challenges here are the reduction of open and green spaces, the creation of so-​called heat islands in urban areas and sensitive vertical densification.

The integration of daylighting aspects – which is essential for our health and well-​being when living and working – into future urban design is becoming imperatively more relevant. In this way, the cities of tomorrow could offer higher standards of environmental sustainability and enhanced liveability.

At the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich, Hubert Klumpner, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Arno Schlueter, Professor of Architecture and Building Systems, and Dr. Marie Glaser, Head of the ETH Wohnforum, have launched a project that forms a cross-​institutional and interdisciplinary group from architecture, engineering and social sciences to explore the multiple challenges and opportunities of daylight in urban design using concrete examples.

Using case studies in Sarajevo and Singapore, among others, the research group is investigating how sustainable urban design and innovative energy technologies can better incorporate aspects of daylight to support human well-​being, living comfort and health.

The project provides a platform for professionals from architecture, urban planning, engineering, data science, social science and policy. The overall goal is to contribute to more sustainable urban design solutions: through critical analysis and creative reflection on the importance of daylight, as well as the design of the built environment from architectural, urban planning, planning and health perspectives. This implemented in prototypical case studies for integrated and active approaches to urban design.


This is a joint project between three chairs:

Prof. Hubert Klumpner


Prof. Hubert Klumpner
Prof. Arno Schlueter

Dr. Jennifer Duyne Barenstein (until 2022)
Dr. Marie Glaser (until 2021)

Victoria Eugenia Soto Magán (Fellow I)
Lars Oliver Grobe (Fellow II)


Velux Stiftung

Project timeframe


Daylight Conference

One Daylight Urban Environment «Inside / Out»

As part of the project «Daylight in Sustainable Urban Design», two conferences «Inside/Out» will be held on the topic of daylight:

Sat, 11 March 2023, 09:30 – 17:00 | ETH Zurich, ONA Fokushalle, Neunbrunnenstrasse 50, Zurich
Fri, 25 August 2023 | ETH Zurich, HIB Open Space, Hönggerberg

Organised by: Prof. Hubert Klumpner, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, LUS | Prof. Dr. Arno Schlueter, Professor of Architecture and Building Systems, ITA

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