E-Bike City

E-​Bike City is a lighthouse project of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering (D-​BAUG) at ETH Zurich. Over the next three years, seven chairs will join forces to explore the effects of an urban future giving absolute priority to cycling, micromobility and public transport. Main Idea More

Traffic Control Beyond Modes

Future developments of mobility pass through a phase of complementarity and blending of modes. From this point of view, the potential benefits (i.e. societal, monetary) of mobility management across modes is very interesting. Commuters consider and plan their mobility comprehensively; they have access to multimodal information and routing, More

Evaluation of Self-Control

In order to meet the increasing demand for mobility and, above all, to reduce the resulting problems such as congestion, time loss, negative impacts on the environment, etc. in urban regions, a large number of traffic management approaches have been developed and implemented in recent decades. A major More


In light of the newer developments in transportation systems, the Dienstabteilung Verkehr (DAV), the Traffic Service Department of the City of Zurich is interested in upgrading and preparing its traffic-management systems for the V2X era. Based on different projects presented at ITS conferences, DAV has come up with More

Dr. Anastasios Kouvelas | Traffic Engineering and Control

Dr. Anastasios Kouvelas is the Director of the Traffic Engineering and Control research group at the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems (IVT), Dept. of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, ETH Zurich (since August 2018). Prior to joining IVT, he was a Research Scientist at the Urban Transport Systems Laboratory (LUTS), EPFL (2014-2018), and a Postdoctoral Fellow with Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) at the University of California, Berkeley (2012–2014).

nextRail19: Agile models for railway system planners and managers

12.-14. September 2019 | Internationale Bahn- und Mobilitätstagung | ETH Campus in Zürich. Diese Tagung wird erneut ein breites internationales Publikum von Wissenschaftlern, Entscheidungsträgerinnen, und Fachleuten aus den Bereichen Bahn und Mobilität anziehen. Die Tagung wird im bewährten Format weitergeführt: Symposium (Donnerstag), Seminare (Freitag), gefolgt von einem technischen Ausflug More