Former railway station of Oberstadt, Baden. Picture: AZ / san.

With the spatial development concept REK, the city of Baden committed itself to an active urban development in 2019. With the consensual approval of the residents’ council, this process starts with the project «Oberstadt4D» – a cooperation between science, administration, practice and social players.

The Oberstadt4D project supports the development planning of Baden’s Oberstadt district. This is to be transformed into a dense, urban residential quarter. The focus of the study is on the future building density, the structure of the buildings and open spaces, and the relationship between residential and commercial uses.

In contrast to conventional planning procedures, the project Oberstadt4D uses a spatial data-​based four-​dimensional approach (space and time) to link quantitative and qualitative statements on inner development with a longer planning horizon and to direct the spatial focus away from individual parcels and areas towards larger transformation areas. This new approach is intended to overcome the limitations of two-​dimensional planning instruments and to involve science, practice and administration as well as other players in a participatory process at an early stage and throughout.

A cooperation between the ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE, the development planning of the city of Baden and CONT-​S GmbH.