27.11.2019, 14.30–16.00 | ONA Focushalle E7, Neunbrunnenstr. 50, 8050 Zürich (Oerlikon). In conversation with Marc Angélil, Arno Brandlhuber, Charlotte Malterre Barthes, and Milica Topalović. KELLER EASTERLING is an architect, professor at Yale, and one of the most eloquent theorists of architecture and design. In ‘Medium Design’ (Strelka Press, 2018) Easterling argues that design tools are often inadequate to More

Sessions on Territory – Urbanism and the Anthropocene: Ecology

Lecture Series: 6 Sessions on selected Mondays, 16:00–18:00 | ETH Zurich Oerlikon, ONA Focushalle E7, Neunbrunnenstr. 50. Sessions on Territory is a series of public debates on the political economy of architecture and territory. Focusing on how the epoch of the Anthropocene reframes our conceptions of the urban and shapes new ecologies, the More

The Normal City

Norms and standards determine our living space. The spaces in which we work, shop, move and enjoy ourselves are based on them. They help define the organisational spatial principles that should contribute to offering optimised conditions for each specific spatial use. Spaces generated on a foundation of norms More

Housing the Co-Op

The bilateral research project Cooperative Production of Low-Cost Housing – Socio-Technological Innovation for the Provision of Housing for Low-Income Populations investigates previous and current practices of affordable housing production in order to detect the transformative potential of urban development based on community organizations and the formation of housing More

Mass Housing in Brazil

The research on Cidade de Deus, a low-income neighborhood located in Rio de Janeiro’s western urban expansion zone, addresses the transformation of a peripheral mass housing settlement from the 1960s into a consolidated urban environment today. The violent story of Cidade de Deus has been widely popularized through More

Massenwohnungsbau in Brasilien

Die Forschungsarbeit zur Entwicklung von Cidade de Deus, einer Siedlung für Massenwohnungsbau aus den 1960er Jahren in Rio de Janeiro, untersucht die Transformation eines damals isolierten Randgebiets in ein heute funktionierendes städtisches Quartier. Die von Gewalt bestimmte Geschichte von Cidade de Deus hat durch das gleichnamige Buch von More

Urban Quality

The game plan was as follows: five colleagues from the Department of Architecture of ETH Zurich, whose positions could not be further apart, accepted the challenge of the Swiss National Research Programme “New Urban Quality” (NRP 65) to investigate measures for improving the contemporary urban condition. Whereas a More

Urbanism of the New Third Age

This research addresses the intersection of two of the most important socio-demographic transformations occurring in our contemporary world: population ageing and urbanization. It reacts to these parallel shifts by identifying and conceptualizing emerging urban experiments for this exploding demographic. Liberated from the responsibilities of the first and second More

Mirroring Effects: Tales of Territory

Each of the case studies comprising Mirroring Effects: Tales of Territory unfolds as an all too real-life tale chronicling the ramifications of urbanization under the influence of integrated world capitalism. Taken together, they narrate the ongoing restructuring of built and lived spaces in highly diverse regions of what More

Housing Cairo

Focussing on the metropolitan region of Cairo, this research project aims to identify the forces at work – both formal and informal, and combinations thereof – in the production of territory. Over the past decades, Greater Cairo has morphed into an indistinct zone structured by moments of concentration More