Prof. em Christophe Girot | Landscape Architecture

Christophe Girot has been a Full Professor of Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich since 2001. In 2005, he founded the Institute for Landscape Architecture (ILA). In addition to his academic activities, he is a practizing landscape architect and owner of Atelier Girot in Zurich.


In research and teaching, the Chair focuses on a critical approach to current and future-oriented questions of landscape architecture. The focus is on the main topics of Design Visualization, New Media, and History and Theory. The development of a spatial and cultural understanding of landscape and the search for creative forms that respond to the challenges of our constantly changing environment are central issues in all fields.

In Design Visualization, large-scale landscape projects are developed by combining traditional landscape design with advanced CNC-modelling techniques. It also researches new design methods and digital tools, embeds current developments of information technology and tests them within a landscape-specific project.

The Chair applies a repertoire of different audio-visual media in order to stimulate a critical examination of the perception of landscapes. The creative potential of visual and acoustic effects and presentation methods in landscape architecture is continuously studied, reflected upon, and refined.

Findings from research and teaching as well as anthologies on theoretical questions are presented in the publications series Pamphlet. The scientific publications series Landscript with its international editorial board is devoted to contemporary landscape aesthetics and the immanence of landscape architecture in our culture.

In 2010, the Landscape Visualization and Modeling Lab LVML was founded together with Adrienne Grêt-Régamey (IRL), supplemented since 2016 by the AudioVisual Lab.