disP – The Planning Review, Volume 54, Issue 3, October 2018 is now available online on Taylor & Francis Online.

This new issue contains the following articles:


Martina Koll-Schretzenmayr
Pages: 2-3

disP Kolumne – disP Column

Kolumne – Column: Land of New Towns
Izabela Mironowicz
Pages: 4-5

Artikel – Articles

Gdynia – Impressions of a Prosperous City
Martina Koll-Schretzenmayr
Pages: 6-11

A Systemic View on Autonomous Vehicles. Policy Aspects for a Sustainable Transportation Planning
Francisco J. Bahamonde-Birke, Benjamin Kickhöfer, Dirk Heinrichs & Tobias Kuhnimhof
Pages: 12-25

Risikoorientierte Raumplanung in Österreich: Merkmale und Umsetzungsoptionen am Beispiel von Hochwasserrisiken
Walter Seher & Lukas Löschner
Pages: 26-35

Urban Sprawl within the Metropolitan Area of Oradea
Jean-Paul Carrière, Luminita Filimon, Sabine Guitel, Cathy Savourey & Elena Irincu
Pages: 36-51

Global-Local Dynamics in the Transformation of the Jakarta Metropolitan Area into a Global City-Region
Galuh Syahbana Indraprahasta, Ben Derudder & Jorn Koelemaij
Pages: 52-62

Zur Emeritierung von Prof. Dr. Bernd Scholl
Rolf Signer
Pages: 64-65

Buchbesprechungen – Book Reviews

Why Detroit Matters and Phoenix Cities
Prof. Dr. Klaus R. Kunzmann
Pages: 66-68

Cities in Time
Prof. Dr. Klaus R. Kunzmann
Pages: 68-69

Perspectives (Pelka, Kasting 2017 and Grabher, Thiel 2016)
Prof. Dr. Klaus R. Kunzmann
Pages: 69-71

Architekturführer Potsdam
Prof. Dr. Klaus R. Kunzmann
Pages: 71-72

Approaching territories under extended urbanisation
Dr. Elisa T. Bertuzzo
Pages: 72-73

The ideologies of planning law – in honor of Patrick McAuslan
Prof. Dr. habil. Fabian Thiel
Pages: 73-74

Subversive Stadtplanung
Prof. Dr. Christian Diller
Pages: 75-76