Zurich, a Sanctuary City?

28 October 2019, 18:00 – 19:30 | ETH Zurich, Leonhardstrasse 21, LEE E 101. This event is part of the series of events «Sanctuary Cities in Switzerland?», which takes place in Zurich, Berne and Geneva. The speakers in these events outline the developments in urban migration policies in support of More

Urban Policy Analysis

Societal, environmental, and technological transformations accentuate themselves in dense settings, pushing cities and metropolitan regions to the forefront of tackling complex policy problems. Whether responding to climate change, migration, poverty, or limited land availability, or aiming to generate sustainable development and inclusive technological transformations, cities tend to be More

Participatory Urban Governance

The realization of large urban infrastructure projects is necessary to achieve long-term planning goals such as sustainable cities, just cities or smart cities. Yet, these large urban infrastructure projects are more and more contested by city residents (for example Amazon HQ2 in New York, Toronto Sidewalk Labs, or More

Policy Analysis of Spatial Planning

Densification policies are at the core of the current revisions of the Federal Act on Spatial Planning. This research project analyzes the effects of densification policies on the housing market and the socio-economic composition of the population by making use of quasi-experimental research designs. We compare areas that More

Future Cities Lab Global

Sustainable cities and settlement systems through science, by design, in place, over time Future Cities Lab Global (FCL Global) addresses the globally significant challenges of rapid regional transformation, and aims to create a better understanding of the relationships between cities, rural communities and their surrounding regions, so as to More